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Price Action Trading Course by Dhaval Malvania

Price Action Trading Course by Dhaval Malvania 90 days to get-start disciplined trading Duration 3 Months (2 hours per day) Monday To Friday For Working Professional Time for Class is adjusted. for Evening batch. [note: try to get in class in morning session in live market to build psychology for trading.] Delivery : Online [By Cisco Webex, google meet , zoom ofline class as well] Investment – Retail price : Rs 15,000  Our Referral Customers : Rs 15,000  Next Batch starting from 15th May 2023 JOIN TODAY :    PART 1 Overview of financial markets Oppor tunities available in the world of trading Advantages of trading Why a majority of traders fail? What it takes to become a successful trader? How to kick-start your trading journey on the right note? Understanding Technical Analysis What is technical analysis? Advantages and limitations of technical analysis Different forms of technical analysis Important things to consider while using technical analys

Mastering the Art of Price Action Trading: A Guide to Understanding Market Movements



what is price action trading?

Price action trading is a method of analyzing and making trades based on the movement of market prices. This approach focuses on understanding the underlying forces that cause prices to move, rather than relying on indicators or other technical analysis tools.


One of the key principles of price action trading is the belief that markets are constantly moving in a repetitive pattern. By studying past price movements, traders can identify these patterns and use them to make predictions about future price movements.

Price action traders use a variety of different techniques to analyze price movements, including trend analysis, support and resistance levels, and candlestick patterns. They also pay attention to key levels of support and resistance, such as previous highs and lows, and use these levels to set stop-loss and take-profit orders.

One of the benefits of price action trading is that it can be applied to any market, whether it's stocks, forex, or commodities. It also requires minimal use of indicators, making it a simple and easy-to-use approach for traders of all experience levels.

However, it is important to note that price action trading does require a significant amount of discipline and patience. Traders must be able to resist the temptation to act on every signal and instead wait for the most favorable trading opportunities.

In conclusion, price action trading is a powerful approach to understanding market movements and making trades based on that understanding. It requires discipline, patience, and the ability to identify key levels of support and resistance. It can be applied to any market and can be a simple and easy-to-use approach for traders of all experience levels.

 To Learn more about price action trading please join our technical analysis class on price action by paying simple fees and master the art of price action trading to understand the market movement.

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